A mega fortune on Mr Green’s Slot Machines

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I haven’t been on the online gambling scene for that long now, maybe six months. In that period of time I have tried and reviewed many gaming sites. From what I’ve seen up until recently, I really wasn’t that impressed. Actually, you could say that I was depressed. Loss after loss, at the same old boring places. I started to believe that I’d be better off going back to the house casinos in my city. After all, if I was going to lose my money, I should at least get some free drinks out of the deal. Then, my girlfriend’s dad told me about a few of the online casinos he frequents on Super Free Slot Games… And after only one night of heavy play, my faith, along with my luck, was restored.


After looking through the many choices available and playing half a dozen free slots, I found the place that suited my love for fast and fun slot play. The extraordinarily real feel of the action is amazing at Mr Green and the selection of free slots they offer set them apart from the normal online slugs of the industry. I’m not saying that they’re the only reliable, trustworthy and unique site out there. However, I am saying that among the casinos that are supposed to be competing for customer loyalty, they are top drawer, with silk stockings inside.

With games like Cleopatra and The Marvellous Mr Green, the casino provides the exciting features that a true player wants in fast paced slots. The stakes and payouts are raised frequently, making it a seat of the pants ride with excellent rewards! My first time on the site, with the free slots offer, I left from the game with a boatload of loot. That’s always a nice way to start. They didn’t just pique my interest, they made me part of their world.

I found it easy to get started after the simple sign up process and then I was off to the races, um, the slots, involved deeply in the gameplay, betting and extras. The amount of free spins I was able to win in the first few rounds was incredible! I’ve rarely seen a free slots offer that was so much fun. Out of the dozens, maybe a hundred, casinos and free slots I have reviewed, Mr Green, along with many of the other sites I found at Super Free Slot Games really gives the goods, earning them a spot in my top three, which is no easy task. Kudos to the people who have created this wonderful fun-filled site.

Online Casino World Wide

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Land based have a rich history since the early slot machine that was invented by a French scientist to the opening up of the Las Vegas strip to today where Sin city is the gaming capital of the world. Such is the evolutionary nature of the casino industry that in 1995 online casino was introduced and that started a phenomenon that would take the world by storm. By coming up with online casino , the industry was truly making casinos a world wide recreational past time as some people leaved in countries that did not have a city or town known fr gambling like LAS VEGAS and MONACO.


Te first online casino was a brain child of the internet casino Inc. the company operated outside the United States so as to avoid federal prosecution, so the firm was based at Caicos and Turks islands. Read more…

Titan Poker Bonus Codes

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Titan Poker Bonus
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The Management Take Hold of the Poker Dealers Tips

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Titan Poker Bonus

The three former poker dealers are on the process of getting their tips. They asserted that their tips were taken by the management from them. They are challenging the Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track in Florida. The three were Kevin Bellington, Lisa Williams and Steve Gedday who said that the management pressured the dealers, in which they are paid less than the minimum wage because of getting the tips. They have spread the tips to the cashiers and managers who are paid for less than the minimum wage.

A comparison was bring forth by the dealer’s lawyer with restaurants and stated that the management has no single legal right to take part in the tip pool.

The issue is continuously heating the side of both parties. Only the court will give the final decision about the issue. It is another thing that shakes the ground of poker world. The next move will depend on the decision of the management on how they deal with the statement that was thrown by the dealers to them.

It’s not only the game that awaken the interest of players, at the same time the tips that are disseminating.