Another cash $20,000 prize are at stake as Titan Poker opens its tournament table. This may end up being a race tournament from the clock for that month of October. You are able to collect cash through the points you’ve generated. Now, with 2 begins the 3-day weekly race, the prize of $2,500 could be won. You will find tournament leaderboards where players can climb up their poker success.

Yes, you read that right. Players of Titan Poker can ascend for the cash leaderboard and win as much cash. This is the attractiveness of the promotion tournament. For every of the race, it will be scheduled on different dates. You are able to become one of the top 40 players as you join the Titan Time. Why is that so? If you will be within the top 40, you will see greater prize pot. As they say, you’ll be earning more points.

In each set of races, the prizes will probably be issued on Mondays as part of the game rules. Each race allots $2,500 for that prize. Apart from that, his or her leaderboards will also be current every 30 minutes that passes. The Titan Time depends on the server time. When the gamers are located to be colluding or soft playing in the game, their accounts will be frozen.

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