The members from Russia took their winnings through the Sit ‘Win’ Go Races. Even through the month of January, one of the Russian players already dominated in the leaderboard. The total prize money that's dispersed by the management of attained for $16,000. Those players who ranked in the leaderboard races will surely enjoy for your game. The ranking basis was from the final position of your players in the Sit ‘Win’ Go Races.

The individual that dominated in the medium leaderboard race was the Russian player zaavtahor. His winning highlighted most especially during March 19-24, 2012. He was really before his competition during that time. For the low leaderboard, it was another player from Russian named as “ItouKaiji” in registration. The gamer who dominated in the high leaderboard was vinex7. He also managed to take his lead in margin during the March’s $5,000 Gladiators Race.

For this month, players really did their utmost most specifically from Russia. That starts from the low, medium along with high leaderboards. Just opt-in in the tournament if you also thought about being an integral part of this winning from Holdem poker.

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