PokerStars celebrated their 10 year anniversary. And for that, they produced promotions that basically fascinated their members. The tournament was prepared on Sunday, which is the Sunday Million. Because of this, it becomes the biggest poker competitions on-line this season.

A guaranteed prize pool of more than $10 million will definitely be given to the fortunate winner of Sunday Million match. No surprise why virtually forty-six thousand gamers hurried to join in the action and take a section of the prize. This basically results for a total of $12,400,000.00 prize pool, a whole new record for this occasion. What this only means is that, the sole winner will probably get hold of $2,000,000.00. And when the six finalist meet in the final table, they made a proposal to split the prize so each one will take home five hundred eighty thousand dollars.

In the end, when the 6th spot was received by Skunden who get 758,000 dollars along with the five hundred eighty thousand dollars that he settled for the deal. This results for his total poker revenue to reach more than a million dollars. Finishing 5th and following soon after him was Dimedroll. Exiting at 4th spot was tunafish919 with 627,000.00 dollars.

The game isn't completed yet. This is when BLAABAR took the 3rd place with seven hundred nine thousand dollars on his pocket. On the other hand, it was Unstoffable who win another 580,000 dollars and departed at second. And guess who is the leading winner from the event and took home 1,100,000 dollars? It was Kyle “First-Eagle” Weir.

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