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Know The Game First Before You Decide To Play

Playing poker is a challenging way to earn an income. It happens because; only handful of poker participants grow to be profitable in this type of game. So, why it becomes so hard to be successful in poker for long term period?

Greater Gaming Experience

To make you a much better gamer at the table, here are some points to help you get it done.

In playing poker, if you wish to become successful, then you must improve your technical skills. you should be rational and be able to make fast decisions as well in this kind of game. You can view a lot more head lines by looking out for poker related at Best Titan Poker Bonus Code.

Be confident!

From all other opponents at the tables, you should show them that you are confident. This way, they are going to think twice if you got a good hand or not.

Stay On Your Game By Continuing To Keep Your Concentration

Next hint and probably the most important is to learn how to deal with financial and emotional shifts. You must understand that your money won’t be on a steady or increasing sweep in terms of financial situations. There are occasions that you may continuously lose cash as well. That may lead to your emotional feelings when that happens. Most poker participants often not notice that they lose their focus as soon as they are losing or winning money at the tables.

It is better to keep your focus and don’t be carried away with your inner thoughts. That’s the easiest way to play poker.

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Over the weekend, action from the 2011 National Heads-Up Poker Championship carried on Sunday. The pairings from the opening round in the Spades, Clubs, and Diamonds brackets and the field was chopped from 64 players to 32.

The Spades bracket included a feature table match-up between Jennifer Tilly and DoylesRoom front man Doyle Brunson. Tilly’s boyfriend, Phil Laak, was railing her. Both Jaka and Katchalov were making their National Heads-Up Poker Championship debuts.

Sorel “Imper1um” Mizzi and Erick Lindgren fell by the wayside in the Spades bracket. Also exiting was pro Eric “basebaldy” Baldwin.

Carlos Mortensen, the World Poker Tour’s all-time money leader, hit the river hard drew out on the final card three times, the third of which cost Sam Trickett his tournament life. Mortensen clamoring for a nine or ace on the river to make a straight and, sure enough, a bullet ended Trickett’s National Heads-Up Poker Championship run. John Racener was the second-to-last elimination of the bracket Just like that, the first hour of the broadcast was complete.

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The Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) has pulled off a breakthrough success at Brazil by drawing a field of 536 players — a huge difference from last year’s 398 players, a 35% increase to be exact. As such, the prize pool skyrocketed to more than a million dollars, with the first prize amounting to a massive $369,504 – a prize won by Alex Manzano, a poker player from Chile.

The LAPT is a poker tournament series sponsored by PokerStars; has always proven popular among players. However in 2011, the number of people who signed up for the LAPT Brazil literally ascended. The tournament organizers were agreeably shocked to find that more than 500 people turned up for the tournament, which had a buy in of $2,500 for each person. Of course, the field soon dropped down to the last eight players who would make up the tournament’s final table.

It took over two hours before the play could actually begin. In the end, it was Manzano along with Neto battling it out in heads up play. Manzano had a 2:1 chip lead – which was all he needed to finish the game, right after only three short hands.

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Daniel Negreanu holds a massive chip lead ahead of the final day of the EPT Vienna as he vies to become only the third player to win WPT, WSOP and EPT titles.  Negreanu began the day just off the lead, which was held by German-based Greek Konstantinos Nanos, and the two continued in first and second for quite some time as the shorter stacks slowly fell away, including the last of the Brits, Surindar Sunar, who departed in 18th for €16,000, after having spent seemingly the entire tournament short-stacked.  Negreanu clashed several times with German Michael Eiler during the day, with the 20-year old student having the better of the early exchanges until he lost three million chips when Negreanu hit a set of sevens on the turn.  Eiler dropped nearly two million chips in the last hourbut remains very much in contention in third place with more than two million chips.

Negreanu certainly enjoyed certain amount luck along the way, disposing of Italian Umberto Vitagliano with QJs against Vitagliano’s AK.  If vitagliano was unlucky then Denmark’s Erlandsen was even more so and the very next hand Negreanu repeated the trick against Eiler.

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Once again The International Club in London is gearing up for the upcoming UK tournament poker with The Players Championship this 21st-30th of November.

The Player’s Championship Main Event buy-in for the Main Event is just £350+£30, this is set to take place on the 27th-30th of November. And the starting stack is a huge 100k chips! Players across Europe are coming and so we’re having two Day 1s to accommodate a sum of 240 runners. The 1st prize will likely be £25,000.

It will be a 3-Day Event and players will start with 500 BBs with a stepped 40 – 50 – 60 minute clock. There’ll be many post-flop play and we will be seeing five-bet bluffs, six-bet raises for information, and seven-bet laydowns. By the time the final table is reach– it will be broadcasted live over the Internet with professional commentators – we’ll have the biggest pots this side of the November Nine.

We’re also putting on a £200+£20 NLH Freezeout where players start with a huge 50,000 chips and a 30 then 40 minute clock on the 24th-25th of November also. This 2-Day event is sure to be well-liked in its own right, giving players an affordable chance to play deep stack poker.

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Years have passed but the battle set by Mount Pleasant Five about the concept of Texas Hold ‘Em poker.  But the question whether this is something played with chance on your site or skill remains fresh until the modern times of online poker.  Everything will reach its peak the case will be heard by the Supreme Court in South Carolina.  Months later, new rulings about this issue will be set in order to settle everything.

Since this has been an issue set for years, the only thing for sure is every poker player must wait for further updates.  As you know, legal authorities are now involved in this poker game case so it will really be something to be waited for.  Make sure to tune in to news about this issue in order to keep you from being too hyped about the latest tournaments happening right now all over the world.

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Some people who are not familiar with poker already have a hard time understanding the concept of online poker and how it provides money to many individuals.  To shock them more, here’s the concept of iPhone to give this amount of money to poker players with every game on their device.  Money from iPhone poker is now here. has been released in order to give people a chance to play poker whenever they want to.  This is a real money site that can make every poker player have money eyes even while waiting at the subway or other locations.

This application is developed by SawadeeSoft Limited.  If you’re asking why this is not obtained through the Apple store, they basically, didn’t allow actual money game on their store so this is connected through the browser instead of making it as an actual application on phone.  One disclaimer however, this application is not yet available for US players.

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Full Tilt Poker set several interviews with some Full Tilt bonus code members.  For this episode, Gloria Balding is set to interview Patrik Antonius to talk about his itinerary during the WSOP.

Patrik Antonius is one talented player as he can do more aside from just poker.  He was a former tennis coach and player and model.  He will again vie the World Poker Tour as he was not able to achieve the title in the past but was able to be on the final table and got 7 money finishes.  In terms of bracelets, he hasn’t obtained any bracelets from the WSOP yet but he was able to win a title for European Poker Tour.

With his popularity in the world of poker, many people will watch out for him as he face his other challenges and even look about how he will spend his days during this event.  Be sure to be updated about different WSOP news.

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The wait for the video poker will last until next summer.  The Illinois Gaming Board is still on the process of finalizing the contracts for the video poker machines.  After the decision is made, the machines will have the license to operate in bars as well as in restaurants.  The revenues that will be produce from the video poker machines will be use for the renovation of roads and bridges.

However, there are some communities that prohibit the existence of the poker machines.  As the GOP Senator John Jones said in the local communities, they are still up with the benefits of the state-funded construction even though the video poker is not allowed in the area.  On the other hand, Democratic Senator Terry Link is disappointed with the communities that banned the video poker. Even so, he said that there will be a lot of money provided by the video poker machine.

As it was announced by the Illinois Gaming Board, they will not open the video poker until next July.  It’s very disappointing for some areas that banned the operation of the video poker despite of the income.  The decision still depends on Illinois Gaming Board.

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Breaking the ice, European Poker Tour (EPT)  persists the actions invading the continent of Europe. The second stop of the tour is in Vilamoura, Portugal. It is located in the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. There were 384 runners that vie with a buy-in worth €5,300.

Poker players who take part in the tournament includes Team PokerStars Pros such as Italy’s Dario Minieri, France’s Arnaud Mattern, British players JP Kelly and Vicky Coren, and Russia’s Alex Kravchenko. On the other hand, Victory Poker’s Antonio Esfandiari, former WSOP Europe champion Annette Obrestad, and 2010 WSOP bracelet winner James “flushy“ Dempsey.

After the extreme intro in the Day 1, the players will proceed to the Day 2 with 221 players. Playing in the second day of action includes champion Liv Boeree, Lex Veldhuis, Mizzi, Coren, and Williams. The event is one of the  most anticipated games due to the poker players who participate in the event.

This event is an advantages on the part of the European players. So if you want your lack, this is the best time to show off. Feel the action in the European Poker Tour. This could be your key to become a certified poker pro.

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